1969 Born in Chungbuk, Korea

Lives and works in Wonju, Gangwon, Korea


2010 Echo, Ishikawa International Salon, Kanazawa Time of Wood, Gallery SEOMI, Seoul

2009 Journey with Wood, Topohaus, Seoul The Journey to Somewhere, Gallery Corner, Seoul Water, Islet & Repose, Craft Awon, Seoul

2007 The Forest of Light and Sound, Craft Awon, Seoul

2006 Make a Sound in Wooden Furniture, Haslla Artworld, Gangwon The Sound of Landscape, Chiak Artcenter, Wonju, Gangwon

2005 Speak Seriously to the Tree, Gallery Leeham, Wonju, Gangwon


2013 Contemporary Korean Design 2, R20th Century Gallery, New York

2010 Contemporary Korean Design, R20th Century Design Gallery, New York

2009 A Collision of Sentiments, Acozza Gallery, Wonju, Gangwon

2008 Empty Project "The Light", Seogok Church, Wonju, Gangwon The Story of City at Three Persons, Samil Road Storage Theatre, Seoul

2005 Asia Pacific Weeks Berlin 2005 Focus Korea, Nomadic Plaza, Berlin


2013 Design Miami/Basel, Basel

2012 Deign Miami/, Miami PAD, Pavilion of Art & Design, London Design Miami/Basel, Basel

2011 Deign Miami/, Miami Design Miami/Basel, Basel

2010 Design Miami/, Miami Design Miami/Basel, Basel

2009 Design Miami/, Miami 


2011 Yumin Creative Awards, The Yumin Cultural Foundation & JoongAng Ilbo Newspaper, Korea


2011 Hana Bank Training Institute, Korea